as promised, the new tfy release, one quarter descent, is now available thanks to our good friend joe mckay at spring break tapes!. it's available in cassette format (including digital download) -- edition of 100. the first 10 orders placed through spring break tapes! will also receive a free t-shirt designed and printed by tfy. big thanks to joe for the support (and the awesome artwork!). do yourself a favor and check out the other sbt! releases. as always, thanks to josh bonati for an excellent mastering job. oqd will also be available at northern plastics, courtesy of our pal mr. ian lawrence. you should buy a million records from this fella.
we just added the remaining three of the original five pre-barge recordings to our bandcamp page for download -- "pay whatever you'd like" style. some folks have asked about physical copies of these older albums, but unfortunately, they just don't exist anymore*. if/when we re-press some, we'll definitely send out an e-mail.
we're also planning to release something new this year. no further information is available at this time -- shit is confidential.
thanks to everyone who got in touch in 2013. sorry we're so slow at responding. have a great 2014 (and 2015 if we don't post again until 2016).
*we do have re-issued copies of why we're all below average available in the merchandise section.
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